Collection: Creation Process

3D Touchstone Embossing

3D touchstone embossing for fine art is an intricate process that combines traditional embossing techniques with advanced 3D technology to create textured artworks. Initially, a digital design is crafted, which is then used to produce a precise embossing die through computer-aided design (CAD) software and 3D printing technology.

The base composite aluminium panel is then positioned in a press, and the custom-made die is applied with significant pressure, imprinting the design into the aluminium’s surface. This process not only adds a tactile dimension to the artwork but also enhances its visual depth and shadowing, making each piece uniquely appealing both visually and to the touch.

Artist Hand Embellishment

After the work is created using 3D Touchstone Embossing, the artist then adds hand-applied details using paints, textures, and various artistic materials. This process enhances the visual depth and individuality of the artwork, making each piece distinct. Ideal for art enthusiasts seeking a touch of exclusivity and craftsmanship, these works straddle the line between print and original, providing a great entry point for those looking to start their art collection.